About Us

Saved by grace, Davonte (DA) is a Jesus loving laid back bro with an ever changing, never settling kind of life. Born in southern California, he grew up in 5+ cities and then found himself bouncing in n out (BEST BURGER IN THE LAND) of the state since he was 17. New Jersey (West Point Prep) to New York (West Point Academy) to California to New York (Stony Brook football student-athlete/graduate) to California to Florida (UCF Athletics) to Texas (Baylor Athletics) back to California (premier Uber driver) to Florida (UCF Athletics/Photographer/Northwestern Mutual) … DA has been every single where! But would not have been able to do it without the support sacrificial deposits from his God given family: mother, father, stepmother, two brothers, one sister, extended family, best friends, framily (friends/family), coaches, pastors, and mentors…
As a product of all of this, DA genuinely has an interest in and appreciation of other’s life journeys. He realized that it is in the person’s journey where you find true beauty and begin to love and give grace. It breaks DA’s heart when people are quick to judge a book by its cover without the extension of grace, leading people to alienation and insecure lives. Seeing the lack of grace this world has shown in 2020, he saw the obvious solution to this world’s cry for peace: GRACE. It has been GRACE that continued to get DA through his journey, and it is GRACE that will keep him going. It is his dream to see a world that is dripping in grace, bringing each person the peace they desire. 




  • Driven across the country 6 times
  • Stole jolly ranchers from my third-grade teacher’s desk and got caught (Thank Jesus for grace)
  • Addicted to tacos – REAL authentic tacos
  • Huge fan of van life and tiny homes
  • Collect coffee mugs from different places I travel


Hi! My name is Vanessa Esposito and I’m ….well kind of a lot of things but lets start with “The daughter of a heavenly King” because it sounds so good and its the reason I’m here! I was born in Lebanon, Pennsylvania but raised in Lakeland, FL (shoutout to the 863!).. majority of people have no idea where that’s at until I say between Tampa and Orlando. Most of my life until this point consisted of competing on a few different competitive cheer teams. I started at the age of 8 and finally hung up my cheer shoes last year(2020) when I graduated from UCF. Cheer was my open door to college, I never thought it was possible until I joined the Bartow Cheer team/family. Between being a part of that program, having Gods favor on my side, and having an amazing support system at home I ended up at my dream school UCF. I went to UCF for 4 years and got my bachelors degree in Kinesiology… a good amount of people look at me sideways when I say that but its really just a fancy name for Sports Medicine. The funny thing about college is that sometimes you think you have it all figured out and then life hits you and you realize in your last year that you have new life dreams and that degree you’re about to get doesn’t help with any of them(: Luckily that heavenly King I mentioned earlier has it all figured out for me! 

I haven’t lived very long in this life but to this point I have experienced many hills and valleys.. you probably have too. Something I reflect on so often is those who gave me grace when I didn’t deserve it. The people who forgave, loved, cared, and showed kindness without expecting anything of me. The ultimate example of Grace is Jesus and I have made it my life mission to walk the way he did. I strive to make people wonder what it is in my life that allows me to be so kind and peaceful. To Drip In Grace in others lives I believe you must first drip into your own life. I have found that in giving myself grace each day my soul has softened towards others. I choose to love, forgive, care, and show kindness because I believe the result is peace and unity..something we need so much of in this world. I feel strongly that each person exists with pure intention and full of unique purpose. I hope to build up each person I meet and show them the truest form of Grace so they may continue to move toward that purpose in confidence and spread the grace I’ve given them others.

  • I’m obsessed with Tacos, Pasta, and Caesar Salad
  • I love doggos!
  • I find so much joy in shooting photography of people in their natural element
  • I could spend hours challenging myself to new handstands and dancing in the kitchen
  • I live for the idea of converting a bus into a home and traveling the world in it